5 Ways to Fail at Drawing an Anatomy in Art


There are a lot of artists in the world in which they may be young, old, self-taught, or trained. But every artist has a problem in drawing certain parts or objects that should look not it should be even the greatest artist have these problems of sorts. And these are the ways on how many artists fail to draw anatomy when it comes to drawing each of these and do take NOTE that I am NOT a professional:

  1. Comics are a piece of medium that tells stories in the form of drawing with narration added to understand stories it shared. And there are times that each body parts that are drawn from each artist looks really … big, janky, or ouch. These arts in comics that famous artists that draw Marvel and other popular comics can have at least part of their art(cover) look weird that fans do make fun of it in a good way. And yes I know about Japan’s questionable size of chest of women. Though, they did learn to evolve and learn to make better art and reasonable in the future even that some of these artists are self-taught. Unfortunately, there are still those artists that manage to screw up the proportions of a lot of their characters’ angle, proportion, and size.
  2. The artist may have problems in art when it comes to drawing the same design that it is either becoming a running gag that even from the artist make fun of themselves or the fans are harassing the artist that they almost quit their job. At least the excuse on why they draw same looking characters because of this trope in media. And it also may be to save time in making some more minor generic characters to meet a certain deadline from a work point of view. Or they just like the design that they want to reuse it again and again.
  3. Practice makes perfect wouldn’t you say. It is what every artist should do and especially for beginners for it to not look bad. Every person is entitled to how they practice their form of art. For example, in the past, I draw … sorry, trace some of my drawings by following the outlines behind a paper. Then overtime I just copy trace the art then finally I can make it through using the source material to know what they look like and manage to draw fan art of that character … wish I know how to properly draw appendages which means that I still need more practice to do. Just remember that every artist needs to practice to get the perfect drawing that the artist sought to make.
  4. The design of a character is what makes them unique and interesting in their way. While a lot of characters that are designed nowadays are inspired by other characters either from real life like history or major existing media in fiction. The character designs we made are what establishes them to feel just right on the artist’s side to be a staple/popular to both the artist and viewers. Then there are times that famous brands of media decided to reboot the designs of characters that they establish which results mostly in bad but a rare chance to see a good one. An example of a bad reboot goes to Bomberman Act Zero where the Bomberman franchise was almost ruined by Konami’s decision to change the design of  something cute in aesthetic design that attracts the attention of a lot of viewers/players to something edgy that you can’t recognized that you question on how do you get a completely different anatomy between them and just call them the same character in name. Then Disney’s reboot of Ducktales is an example of a good reboot this is more of the fact that a lot of characters are given a redesign that you still recognized the remnants of the old show’s design but was given a more modern outtake to please newer audience and also the old fans of the show.
  5. It may be unorthodox but we should study the anatomy of many creatures is to improve our drawing capacity on what we can draw or you wanted to draw and try to change the concept of what we could follow or change to our taste. But it may be best to refer it on knowing anatomy help on how we draw at the proper angle of our design and know-how to properly align it much to the artist’s point of view and not be busy on focusing the part of the body. It will also help that learning the proper anatomy of different species may help you, in turn, make a good original character from ground up with the blueprint in your head.  Because depending on an untrained artist tend to have this kind of results … to be not that great (no offense).

I will repeat myself that I am not an expert or a professional artist, just an ordinary amateurish artist that is a bit ambitious when it comes ideas and dream in what to draw. But this is what I experience on how terrible I am at anatomy and view the other art of people in social media. But this is just a way to show that a lot of people fail to draw parts of the anatomy of every creature in some or another and also help a lot of beginners or those unsure to design their characters in a way that it is like/interest by many people.

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